The Story Behind Sara Dippity

I hesitated to share the story behind this project, but to be completely honest, I guess I need to share. Sara Dippity goes so far beyond a simple children’s story. In truth, the story embraces my continuing struggle with religion and how God fits in the big picture.

When Dad died, I was devastated. While I knew he was ill, I was not expecting his death. On May 5, 2006, I went out on our front porch to begin the many calls to family and friends to announce his passing. Within my first few minutes on the porch, a male cardinal joined me. I didn’t think much of it at first, but in the days that followed, a male cardinal continued to join me on the porch each time.

In the months that passed, I began to look for the bird. I was not disappointed. It didn’t matter where I went, front porch or back porch; he showed up. Over the summer of 2006, his presence became healing for me.

Throughout that summer, I began to ponder how nature joins with faith. One friend even remarked how that cardinal was like Serendipity. Hence, the story took shape.

I wanted the story to center around the simple explorations of a child as my journey was so simple, healing, and peaceful. I have enjoyed my journey with Mary Kate as we completed our project, and I hope that this story will help children who have lost a loved one find peace and healing in the nature that surrounds them.


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