Reflections from the Writing Journey

A few friends have contacted me with questions about my writing experience. Here are some reflections. First, please know that if you are passionate about writing and have a story to share, I want to encourage you to take the next step! The ebook market offers new authors the chance to share their work with the only expense being sweat equity.

Barnes and Noble and Kindle offer a far reaching market to sell your work. There are no up front costs. Instead, they take a portion of each sale. The websites are user friendly and make your work available quickly. Here are a few tips to get started:

**The key to marketing your work begins with an “eye catching” book cover. Take the time to put together something special. Hire an artist or take that perfect photo.
** Both Nook and Kindle offer a preview. You want the preview to contain as much of your work as possible. Therefore, move the copyright red tape and dedication page to the end of the book. I would also recommend omitting the title page.
**Take extra time to include a well written description of your story. It’s a competitive market. Prove to the potential reader that your story is worth the expense.
**Think of friends in the writing field, mentors, etc. who would be willing to write a professional review. You can post three professional reviews on your book page.
**Set up the author pages offered by each website. Include a picture of yourself. Readers like to see their author 🙂
**Keep the price low to stay competitive.
**Don’t expect to make a lot of money. This is a labor of love. If you are writing to make money, then this is not for you.
**Market outside the virtual world. Chad printed bookmarks for me, listing my webpage and ebook download info. Send them far and wide 🙂
**Create a blog. WordPress is free and easy to use. Start blogging about the writing process. Share tidbits from your story. Create interest in your story before it’s published.
**Putting on my Mrs. Murphy teacher hat, revise, edit, and repeat! Share with friends (Be sure to include them in your acknowledgements page), join a writer’s group, and give yourself “shelf time,” so you catch any possible errors.

Regarding printing books…this is a huge investment. Make sure you are willing to invest the money upfront and are willing to do the leg work to move your product. Each on-line sale involves book keeping and a trip to the post office. You also need to search for locations to sell your book and make the time for book signings. That being said, I LOVE the book signings! I enjoy hearing the individual stories from people who connected with the story. Since Sara Dippity is a children’s book, I also thought it was worth the expense of hard covers.

If you are writing a children’s book, know that the ebook market is in its infancy. Some customers want a hard cover to hold in their hands and read to their children at bedtime or enjoy the book shelf full of imagination for grandchildren to discover. However, for parents who are avid readers, I think the ebook market will only grow. In addition, parents who are on a tight budget will be able to purchase more inexpensive ebooks for their children.

Please send me a message and share your writing experiences. Happy Writing!

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