Keep Calm and Carry on or Get Mad as Hell


We witness these events, and at first glance, just like a trained first responder, we take a tactical breath. This step is necessary to our future productivity, heck, maybe our survival. But what comes next? This is where we all divide. Some of us cry, call our friends, mourn the unimaginable loss, cling to our children, or offer insight into solutions. We all handle extreme situations in our own way.

After the loss of 20 young angels in Connecticut and their adult defenders, I have witnessed the wide chasm among friends. Some blame it on God’s removal from schools, not enough gun control, too much gun control, the existence of “gun free” zones, the need for a ban on assault weapons, or violent video games. What I do know is the current system is not working. We need to channel this emotion, anger, and frustration and find a solution that will combat school, mall, and other shootings in public places.

So in the next few weeks, be patient as friends vent, listen, offer constructive criticism, organize your thoughts, educate yourself on the problems and the solutions, use logic and common sense, and let’s solve this problem!


  1. I have a hunch a main factor is quick fix medicine prescribed in an excessive quantity that for years goes unchallenged. Whether at school or home, from a kids perspective, the rollycoaster of extreme highs and lows matched with constant accompanying ridicule must be very frustrating with nowhere to turn, even from your own parent.

  2. Good point, Steve. In hindsight, I was thinking today that I should have mentioned the possibility of changes to the mental health system. Perhaps if we find more effective ways to help these individuals, we can end these tragedies.

  3. This was awesome Maggie. Yes it is probably all these things put together and multiplied….and yes we should all be patient and understanding with our friends, family, and general public – as everyone needs to place blame somewhere, and they are going to place it where its most convenient within their own minds and according to their own beliefs. Unfortunately, it is the “own minds” and “own beliefs” that often get us into this mess in the first place – because the insane and illogicial are often in our own houses – not just across the street from us.

  4. You are probably surprised to see me post – you’d have been hearing it live if we saw eachother more!…This is such a tragic and mind-numbing event – and you guys are in a similarly unique position of sending your young kids to school and then heading off to work at school yourself….I felt inclined to share (instead of just listening silently to knuckleheads at work who have no idea how to put themselves into other’s shoes). It was a little overwhelming this morning – after the weekend of processing – to drop my kid off at school with an officer at the front door, and teachers on every street corner hustling kids in…..even though its more likely to get struck by lightning – it is not very difficult to put myself in the shoes of those that had children or spouses (or both) inside Sandy Hook School. And to think that Renee will for the next however long, have the burden of wondering if she’ll ever have to protect 20 kids, while her only kid sits four doors down – out of her reach. Nearly every year, an angry or mentally ill parent challenges the authority and security of the school – so those thoughts never really get to retire to the recesses of our minds.
    Best wishes to you guys as you share in the grief and listen to the debates on how best to handle it….I am sure everyone will be trying to figure out how to balance empathy and thankfulness that our own families are safe and sound, as we celebrate the holidays.

  5. Jason,

    I understand, and Chad and I had many of the same discussions this weekend. Your first instinct is to protect your family, and here you have to send them to the same public places where people are being killed. Personally, I think the idea of a “gun free” zone makes those same areas targets. How do we deal with this? Armed guards? Give teachers the option to arm themselves? I don’t know, but I sure hope the American people will find compromise and come together to make wise choices.

  6. We had the investigative news teams undercover infiltrating the schools and putting it on the news Monday…..They eventually talked the news out of doing it because it was comprimising the safety of the schools. We’re talking about strangers weasling in past a security guard and 20 teachers. The people must’ve done a good job making themselves look like familiar parents!!!! Renee’s principal stopped one at their door.

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