Bon Chance, Mon Ami

Grandad and family

Have you ever had a challenging situation arise? Whether through work, home, or elsewhere, has this situation interfered with your ability to make rational decisions? I have had to deal with several unpleasant situations in the past few years. While pondering what works and what doesn’t, I came up with a few tips to aid in the process.

Most situations allow for future assessment. As I tell my research writing students, give yourself the gifts of time and organization. Gather data. What exactly is going on?

Next, take some time and note any who have dealt with this situation before. Seek their wisdom. Are there any articles you can read? Learn from them.

While most people skip this step, you must take time to de-stress! Stress creates clutter in the brain, and to effectively deal with any issue, you must be at your best. Exercise, see a counselor, embrace a hobby, or journal, but find some way to let the stress go, so you can focus on what’s most important.

Prepare! If this issue is high priority, you are truly going to war in its defense. Gather support. Are there any who not only agree with you, but are willing to participate? Most important, be a step ahead! Prepare your words! Run through any conversations you might need to have.

In my own experience, I have found that my husband and I are strongest when we meet and plan together. Whether dealing with our children’s best interests, budgeting, or how to help a loved one or member of the community, working as a team provides a distinct advantage.

Also, take the time to choose the best battles. Is this “battle” one of many coming down the pike? If so, pick and choose which issues are worth your time and energy.

Good luck!


3 thoughts on “Bon Chance, Mon Ami

  1. Shana says:

    Truly wise words! Just remember, no matter how much you prepare, you very well may end up down a different road than you had planned. Prepare yourself for the unknown, as we all know, you can’t always predict how others will act/react. As hard as it is, you can’t be responsible for the decision or actions of others. You are strong and you have raised you family with a strong set of values. You have support whenever you need it, just say the word.

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