Cairn Hill Farms Summer 2016

We have had a busy spring, hatching chicks, harvesting nettles, learning to grow fodder, another graduation, and preparing for the 2016 season at the Hastings and Middleville Farmer’s Market. Included are a few pictures of the fun times on the farm:

Last month, Chad loaned me a pair of chemist gloves, and I set out in the nettle patches, collecting the healthy plant to dry for tea and fresh nettles for pesto.  While the pesto sold out within a few days, I’m excited to offer some tea at the Farmer’s Market this year.


MK working with Reuban and Rosie…

Some of our new layers, hatched on the farm in March…  


You may also enjoy reading our 2016 Summer Newsletter.

This season we will carry beeswax lip balm, goat’s milk soap, nettle tea, lavender or citrus spray, body butter, eggs, fresh veggies, and some other treats. Hope to see you at the Farmer’s Market!

Middleville, Friday 8-1

Hastings, Saturday 9-1

You can also find our products at the Farm Store.

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