Mom’s Writing about Coconut Oil and Nettles Again…

As the drier, colder winter months approach, I wanted to share one of my newer products that you might find useful this holiday season. Last year, I created a “body butter,” made with avocado oil, beeswax, coconut oil, and Vitamin E. I personally use the product during the drier winter months. I also quickly sold out of my initial offering at this year’s farmer’s market. Even in the summer months, clients used this thicker lotion as an overnight treatment for the face, hands and feet.
I offer two varieties: Lavender (great for dry hands, esp right before bed) and Peppermint infused with nettle and lemongrass. Nettle is a natural anti-inflammatory while lemongrass essential oil soothes minor muscle pains. I occasionally have pain in my right hand and use the peppermint right before bed as a natural remedy for those days when my hand aches.

 “After going through surgery which resulted in a 6 inch scar along my ankle, the peppermint butter helped by providing a cooling and soothing effect around the incision. I continued using the rub throughout my recovery because it wasn’t greasy, moisturized the skin near the scar, and helped the incision heal. The smell is lovely! My husband enjoyed the smell so much that he would rub my ankle if he could use the peppermint rub! I continue to use the rub daily and would recommend it for anyone who wants a rub that soaks in well and leaves skin feeling moisturized all day.”

-C. Fairley

Body Butter

In addition to my line of lip balms (peppermint, cherry, unscented, tinted with hibiscus, and tangerine tea), I’m offering a limited batch of lavender and nettle lip balm, my new favorite! Did I mention that nettle also has anti-wrinkling properties?

 “I love this lip balm! It’s nourishing to the skin and protects from the elements. I have one in every pocket and purse.” -J. Drake

Lip Balm

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You can find many other items on my Etsy site, including rare books and other unique finds.

Thanks for reading!!! Happy shopping!!

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