La Vie en Rose

Amid the recent quarantine, I worked on a few projects that only required a bit of “elbow grease” and use of materials found around the house. Now that two of the kids are “off the payroll,” the extra bedroom (a former well-lived teen space) was converted into a guest room. I learned the following handy tips:

  • A bit of vegetable oil removes duct tape residue from walls
  • Baking soda toothpaste can gently remove black Sharpie from antique wood furniture

Over the past year’s sobriety journey, I’ve tried to enjoy a few simple pleasures each week. My Scottish frugal side prohibits too much money towards these things, but an occasional treat includes the tasty Oui brand French yogurts. To be honest, the lovely glass container is part of the draw. The labels pull off easily, and after a quick wash, they are perfect for storage, decorations, and gifts. While I’m not a paid spokeswoman for Oui brand, I would gladly represent their company if they want to send me to Saint-Malo or Provence. I’ll even dust off my Edith Piaf songs!

These little containers also provide a useful receptacle to spread a bit of joy in people’s lives.

Fresh flowers from the farm…

A lovely candle holder with a bit of fragrant dried lavender…

Perfect for some dark chocolate and my homemade lip balm…

Remember that the little things matter, especially as we help each other navigate the challenges of 2020. It doesn’t take much to practice a bit of self care or spread a bit of joy and love into someone’s life.

When was the last time you enjoyed a simple pleasure? What could you do today to spread a bit of joy?

Thanks for reading!


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