Routines, Hobbies, and Health

Which routines are most important to you? Daily exercise? Monthly coffee with friends? What about seasonal routines like planting flowers or a vegetable garden? There’s a reason why these activities are part of your life. Each routine serves an important purpose, lifting you up, reducing stress, and offering opportunities for creativity. The latter, in particular, offers a springboard to work through difficult times.

For me, sharing music remains a priority. Whether working with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, performing with a local Irish and Scottish music group, or including a bit of live music with my book talks, singing offers similar benefits to a light #meditation session. It’s impossible to dwell on my worries when focusing on proper breathing, rhythm, and other necessary elements of a song!

Whether we require healing, time to work through life’s many challenges, or even one of those temporary ruts, our regular routines are there to help-we just have to show up. Take some time this week and reflect, which routines are most meaningful to you? Share below and keep making time for them!

Thanks for reading!

Looking for a speaker for your Michigan service organization, support group, etc.? I’m currently offering a 20-30 minute talk discussing the story behind Sara Dippity, the importance of “serendipity” in our lives, and the connection between the healing process and our regular routines, hobbies, and personal interests (including a bit of live music). Please message if interested.



  1. As strange as it is, my “me time” is usually spent cleaning the house or cooking. I procrastinate both, but when I do finally dig into it, I find it to be very therapeutic. It’s crazy how my family disappears when I get started cleaning and allows me to have this time to myself. 🙂

  2. Same as Shana Bush !! thank you for yet another great reading Maggie.
    You may want to contact Sandcastles Museum for Sara Dippity – the husband is from Hastings area – I do believe that Micah knows him. Ben and Kristin Korndyke. Love to all

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