Bon Chance, Mon Ami

Have you ever had a challenging situation arise? Whether through work, home, or elsewhere, has this situation interfered with your ability to make rational decisions? I have had to deal with several unpleasant situations in the past few years. While pondering what works and what doesn’t, I came up with a few tips to aid … Continue reading

Dude, Where are my Tires?

I had an interesting customer service exchange last week, which made me reflect. I ordered tires from a bulk warehouse. Once delivered, I made an appointment and drove up for installation. When I arrived, one of the tires was missing, and they told me I had to wait until a new tire was delivered then … Continue reading

Burns’ Supper

In honor of Scotland’s greatest poet, Robert Burns, we held our first Burns’ Supper. We sampled Cullen Skink and Crock Pot Faux Haggis (and a few enjoyed a dram). Special thanks to the guys at Fish Lads for locating smoked haddock!

A New Year and a New Website!

Happy New Year, Readers! I wanted to announce that I have a new website: I am still going to blog about music, family, writing, and newbie farm life.  In addition, several exciting new projects are in the works. More to come later :) Take Care, Maggie

For Auld Lang Syne, My Dear

  Ever since I could remember, our family had a tradition. We would join hands at midnight on New Year’s Eve and slowly walk in a circle and sing, “Auld Lang Syne.” The tradition can be traced as far back as my Great Grandpa Stewart, born in Nova Scotia, a proud descendent of those re-located … Continue reading

For the Love of Music: Christmas Edition

(My brother’s Flexible Flyer from the 1960s…Mom recycled it into a Christmas decoration)   Life is busy at the Murphy House: Shopping, wrapping gifts, grading final essays, Christmas concerts, tourtiere baking, the start of wrestling season, the list goes on… I wanted to record one more song this year. The past seven months have been … Continue reading

Ovens Need Not Apply

  One of my favorite holidays is quickly approaching. I love spending time planning the large meal, shopping for ingredients, and getting an early start making dishes the night before. In the past few years, I learned a trick to prepare the main event, the turkey. Do you feel overwhelmed with preparing a 20+ pound … Continue reading

The Watcher at the Gate: Friend or Foe?

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/ Happy Fall, Readers! Life has been busy here with the back to school activities and an increased teaching load. I finally found a small window this week to write. Every semester, my Freshmen Composition students read “The Watcher at the Gate” by Gail Godwin. Her words address an issue that … Continue reading