Maggie is a life-long Michigan resident. She graduated from Hillsdale College and attended graduate school at GVSU. She works at a local community college and also enjoys performing Irish, Scottish, and Americana folk music, attending books clubs, and running a small hobby farm with her husband, Chad.

Murphy released the album Reflections from the Journey in 2009, “a collection of memorable songs spanning the decades, sung as a family on vacation, to ease a child to sleep, to say goodbye to a loved one, and even new found treasures for the road ahead.”

In May 2012, Maggie published the book, Sara Dippity, illustrated by her daughter, Mary Kate.  Sara Dippity is the story of a young girl saddened by the loss of a loved one.  She finds peace and healing through her encounters with a cardinal in her back yard.

Maggie is pleased to announce an upcoming special edition of Sara Dippity in April 2022.