Sara Dippity

Advanced Praise for Sara Dippity:

A heartfelt story about a granddaughter’s love and a grandmother’s wisdom. Simple hand-drawn illustrations grow with color as the child’s broken heart begins to heal. This book should be on every family bookshelf.

Janie Lynn Panagopoulos – Author of the Dream Quest Series

Sara Dippity tells the story of a young girl who finds peace from difficult times through encounters with a cardinal in her back yard. Healing is shown through the use of added color as the illustrations progress.

Sara Dippity was originally illustrated when Mary was in 5th grade. We discussed the idea of creating new illustrations for the 10th Anniversary Edition, but thought the original sketches helped share the story of healing from a child’s perspective.

Our original printing sold out quickly. After many requests over the years, we decided to offer a second edition, including a glimpse of Mary’s growth as an artist over the past decade (now a recent graduate from Olivet College, studying Biological Illustration) and a page of healing activities for both children and adults.

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Sara Dippity (2012) is available as an ebook for 99 cents

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