Reflections from the Journey, a music sampler

cover photo remixed

I am pleased to announce that my CD has been completed! The last year has been an amazing experience. I wish to thank all the talented musicians for their support throughout this project! I would also like to thank my family for all the Sundays at the recording studio and all the evenings of patient listening as I crafted the final versions.

**Reflections from the Journey, a music sampler was released on
December 5, 2009.

**Please browse this site! On the right side of your screen, you will find links to audio samples, concert information, CD purchase information, and many other goodies. Directly below are a series of blog entries written during the last weeks of this project. Enjoy!

**Special thanks to White’s Photography for the use of the cover photo:


1. Wildwood Flower
2. Frankie and Johnny
3. Silver Dagger
4. Livin’ on my Luck
5. Scarborough Fair
6. Slumber, my Darling


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  1. I am touched by all the encouragement and helpful comments so many people have left! This has been a wonderful journey! Thank you so much!

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