Mary Kate’s Artist Exhibition

Mary Kate has been invited by the Thornapple Arts Council to participate in an Artist’s Exhibition. Her work will be on display at the Walldorf in Hastings in May and June. This has been an educational experience for her, learning about the process of preparing illustrations for a show and writing an artist’s statement as shared below:

Art is a fun way to spend my time. My favorite activity is doodling without any project in mind. My favorite tools are colored pencils and sketch paper. Lime green is my favorite color, and I try to use it in most of my work. When I am working on a project, I picture the finished drawing in my mind before I start. I like to share my art because it gives people a chance to daydream about what’s in the picture.

Sara Dippity is a story about a cardinal who helps a little girl. The little girl is sad because she lost her grandma. Her world is in black and white at the beginning of the story. I used art to show her healing, going from black and white to color. The color represents happiness.


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  1. oh my gosh i cant wait to see the finished copy…it seems like forever since I’ve seen you ❤ but…i will see u on the 5th to see the grand opening show 😉 love you guys and i will see you soon xoxo to everyone 🙂

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