You’ve Got Mail

Some people say that I am too quick to throw out or donate old items. Well, I do have a collection that has been growing over my lifetime. I have saved every postcard ever sent to me. I have a box filled with hundreds of them. They serve as a reminder of friends and family, sharing their adventures, school trips, spring breaks, and trips of a lifetime. I love to dig out the box and reminisce. Here are a few of my favorites:

My friend Ted, sharing his high school adventures in Spain


Gudmund, enjoying his final trip back to Sweden after a year as an exchange student in Hillsdale


My life-long pen pal, Karen, sending a silly postcard 🙂


My life-long friend, Rick, keeping in touch after moving out of state to attend college


Kyan, sharing her adventures from the Hillsdale College/Oxford program


My brother’s trip to Japan


My neighbor’s humorous postcard after a trip out west




    1. Well, I was going to post that one of the monkeys from Thailand, but since I couldn’t even put it on my fridge… 😉

  1. I love to save things too, but my things are pictures….I have 68 albums of pictures of our kids and our family from over our almost 53 years years of marrige..come July. I too like to keep a few items from every place we have been or traveled to. My family think I’m silly for keeping albums, but I think they are missing the joy of pulling an album off the shelf , curling up on the couch, and dreaming of the fun & happy times we had. All they have is a cell phone , computer, or picture to try to see on a small screen…it’s just not the same……..

    1. Wow! That’s a lot of albums! I like to make individual scrapbooks for special vacations. When we went to Ireland, I made one on-line, writing in special stories. I printed out a copy for each of the kids to remember their special trip. Happy Anniversary, Sharon!

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