Lederhosen Optional

Welcome fall, my favorite season. I have written about my love of football, holidays, the beautiful colors, crisp weather, and warming bonfires; however, there is a culinary side to this season that I particularly enjoy: Oktoberfest!

The darker, richer beer by the same name is a seasonal brew I look forward to every year. Chad insists that cooler weather is necessary to enjoy this beverage. I’m not sure about the weather, but I think Oktoberfest beer tastes better either in a glass bottle or frosted mug (no cans).

Of course, the month of October has much more than fine drink to offer. We particularly look forward to preparing a seasonal meal: schnitzel, spaetzle, and braised red cabbage. While purists prefer veal, we opt for thin cuts of pork for our schnitzel. One of these days, I will have to prepare homemade spaetzle, the delicious German noodle, served with herbs and butter. For now, I purchase Maggi brand. Perhaps I went a bit over board this year by ordering a case. As fall is one of our busiest seasons, I also opt for canned sweet and sour red cabbage. Don’t leave this dish out! A small serving of cabbage adds a complimentary tang and texture to the pork and noodles. (The left over cabbage is also excellent cooked with apples and ham.)

Food plating

I love how so many communities celebrate this month long event. If you’re lucky, local restaurants will offer traditional German fare in this month’s specials. We found two in our local area and were not disappointed! One restaurant was a local brewery, which offered their version of Oktoberfest. Treat yourself to a night out or embrace your inner foodie and prepare this dish at home.

(Home cooking note: If you prepare store bought spaetzle, after 10-12 minutes, start checking the firmness of the noodles. Remove from the stove when noodles reach the desired tenderness. We only cook our spaetzle for 15 minutes, instead of the recommended time on the package.)

So my fellow readers, enjoy this beautiful season and all she has to offer!

One year ago this week, I decided to take a writing journey. I committed to posting a blog at least once per month. I discovered old family documents, heard family stories, learned and shared important lessons, had a few adventures, and explored random topics which peaked my interest. I had a few “duds” and sometimes posted before taking enough time to revise (Former students, feel free to criticize my lack of “shelf time”). Thank you to the handful of friends who took the time and patiently provided constructive criticism: Jim, Shana, Darcy, and Gail. Also, I appreciate the many interesting people from around the globe who take the time to follow, read, and comment. You humble me. Thank you for joining me on this adventure! I look forward to what the next year will bring.



  1. You are so very welcome! I truly enjoy reading what you have to say in each post. While I probably won’t go home and make spaetzle, schnitzel or brazed red cabbage (only because I’m likely the only one at my dinner table that will eat it!), it is always a joy to read about the various topics you come up with. I love that you’re not always writing about the same thing! Your topics are very diverse, but they are all personal to you. Your family stories are entertaining, your reflective pieces/lessons make me think about my own life in so many different ways. Thank you for all the time you put into your blog. I always look forward to the next post!

  2. I too enjoy your blogs. I love the Fall season also, but probably not the foods you have described. I’m on a special diet and Tom is a meat & potato kind of guy. I know we are rather boring, but old is the best word for us. Thanks for sending blogs to us.

    1. Thanks Sharon! I always look forward to your comments 🙂 And you should try making schnitzel sometime (It’s just pan fried boneless pork cutlets.). If you want to try and extra step, e-mail me and I can share the sour cream and dill sauce we put on top.

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