The Unique, Worthwhile, and Memorable: A 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

With the holiday season approaching, I wanted to share some noteworthy finds. Some items I purchased as gifts, some were received as gifts, and some are on my own wish list. All are worth a glance:

victorian slide bracelet

Victorian Slide Bracelet-If you are looking for that unique piece of jewelry for a young lady in your life, check out the Victorian Slide Bracelet. These became popular in the Victorian era and later became a rite of passage token for southern ladies. My bracelet was a high school graduation gift from a family friend, Vada Pitchford. It remains a favorite and cherished piece of jewelry.

ostrich pillow

Ostrich Pillow-I’m not sure how to classify this gift, perhaps novelty. I bought one for my eldest because he would proudly use it while riding the bus to sporting events, on long family car trips, or even that unique accessory for Halloween.

sharkie pen

Sharkie Pen-Women would benefit from keeping one of these pens in their car or purse.  The steel shank provides a powerful last minute weapon if needed.  I bought these for many of the gals in my life.  On a side note, they also are one of the best pens for signing books.  The ink dries faster than any other pen I use.

Faith Bass Darling

Faith Bass Darling’s Last Garage Sale by Lynda Rutledge-The newest addition to my reading list! Here’s a brief description from the website: “On the last day of the millennium, Faith Bass Darling, the richest and most eccentric lady in Bass, Texas, puts all her priceless belongings out on her mansion’s front lawn and commences to conduct a garage sale. Why? God insisted…Laugh and cry along with this woman as she orchestrates her final reckoning.”

All cardinals

Cardinal Themed Gifts-OK, this one is a shameless plug! I designed something unique with my last copies of Sara Dippity, creating several collections of cardinal items, including cardinal Christmas ornaments, large magnets, journals, and notecards. Check it out!

What are some unique items, great reads, or girlfriend goodies on your holiday list?

Happy Shopping! 🙂


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