Girls and their Goats 

Another Fair week is in the books!  The girls worked hard and had a lot of fun.  The goat show provided a day of fun and learning.  My favorite part was when one of our goats first ate my daughter’s show number off her back then took another number off a competitor’s back during Showmanship! 

I appreciate how 4-H offers something for every child.  Don’t want to show animals? Pages and pages of non-livestock projects are available.  Want to show animals but have limited time?  Some 4-H clubs only meet a handful of times before Fair Week.  Want to “go for the gold” and utilize 4-H as a stepping stone to other shows?  Our county fair has several representatives who advance to the State and National level. 4-H provides a starting point for kids to explore interests, learn responsibility, and develop useful skills for the future.  Check out 4-H opportunities in your local area!

Below is a video, highlighting some of our adventures in the goat barn.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Being involved in a fair is a wonderful experience for anyone, young or old. So many life lessons to be learned. Even at my old age, I learn something new every year and love it. Keep up the good work.

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