Got Naan?

Have you ever walked down the bread aisle and saw a unique collection of flat breads? Ever tried naan bread? While personal favorites include homemade pita with a lamb and beef gyro or crusty, authentic French bread with Irish butter, Naan bread is another favorite in the Murphy kitchen.
Naan is a flat bread made with a leavening agent. This bread offers many possibilities in the kitchen.

 While the traditional bread compares to the size of a small pizza, some stores carry a toaster size, ideal for topping with peanut butter and jelly or for dinner with a bit of butter, garlic powder and Parmesan. 


In addition, we make custom pizzas using naan, easing family dinner with a vegan living in the house. Only taking 4-6 minutes at 425 degrees, the bread offers a unique combination of crunch around the edges and chewy consistency in the middle. We even found garlic naan bread at a local store, adding some extra flavor. 


Naan bread also provides a tasty alternative to regular sandwiches, toasted for a minute or two (or microwave for 20 seconds) and then fill with ham, cheese, tomato, and mayo. We even have a list of ideas for future menus: Naan grilled cheese, panini, or even small pieces served with spinach dip or olive oil and herbs.
Any ideas? Please share!
Thanks for reading!


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