Waltzing Matilda to Georgia?

My son, Patrick, and his roommate, Lane, spent a few weeks at our farm transitioning from college life to their big adventure in Georgia. They are pursuing studio music and other gig work near Atlanta. Within a few days, they converted Chad’s barn into a recording studio. Chad and I wandered up there one night to find one of their friends, sitting in Chad’s fishing boat singing into a mic with its stand extended to the maximum height to reach the bow. Ha Ha!

Patrick, Lane, and I also worked on an old Australian folk song, Waltzing Matilda. This tune, considered Australia’s unofficial national song, requires a small vocabulary lesson.

Waltzing Matilda-The side-to-side movement from walking with your tucker-bag (or backpack).

Swagman-Drifter living in the Australian bush

Billabong-Small body of water

Billy-Hobo soup


I provided vocals, strumstick, and viola, Patrick jumped in and improvised a guitar part, and Lane added percussion. We didn’t have time to tidy up the rough bits before they departed but thought the song was worth sharing anyway. Enjoy!

Also, here is a video from Kilkenny Corkers a few weeks ago, performing “When a Woman Grows Cold.”

Good luck Patrick and Lane! May you have a grand adventure!

Thanks for reading!

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