Remembering Kyomi

This week I have been thinking about my precious niece, Kyomi Culpepper.  For the short four months I was blessed with knowing her, she taught me so much.  Most important, Kyomi taught me the importance of unconditional love.  When I held her, and touched that soft, full head of hair, and looked into her big dark brown eyes, I saw peace and what love really means.  I was asked to prepare a song for her funeral, and after much soul searching, I chose “Slumber, my Darling” by Stephen Foster. 

That song will always hold special meaning in my heart because of the memory attached to Kyomi.  I have included this as the final song in my CD and have been preparing this week to record.  It has been an emotional week, sorting out what I want the song to be.  It is dedicated to dear Kyomi, who for a brief moment was here with us on this earth, but in that brief moment, taught us all so much.

kyomi from Meg



  1. Thank you Maggie for dedicating this song to Kyomi, it means so much. I can’t wait to get a copy of your CD- especially hear you sing “Slumber, my Darling” again. Love you sis!

  2. Maggie – This is very touching! We are all so excited to hear your finished CD! For anyone that would like to learn more about how Kyomi continues to touch lives, please visit the website for Kyomi’s Gift Foundation: In her “brief moment” with us, she opened our eyes and as a result, through her memory, we are able to touch the lives of families who are struggling. Kyomi lives in our hearts forever!

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