Flu, Football, and Final Touches

It’s been a busy but productive week.  Despite sick kids, a sick spouse, and not feeling the best myself, I was able to continue with the final recording.  I am adding a viola track this Sunday and have been practicing faithfully.  I wish to thank Mrs. Hames and Mrs. Auseon for putting up with me and their encouragement to always do my best during lessons and orchestra.  I am hoping to develop the audio recordings on Sunday, so look for them sometime next week!

This football season has been special for me too as my oldest has now met the family age requirement to play.  My husband insists that our boys reach 7th grade before putting on the pads, noting that they will have grown enough to tackle safely (is there such thing as a safe tackle?) and be hungry for the game.  (I personally think he wanted them to wait because his mother made him do the same thing;-).  I have enjoyed watching both father and son immerse themselves in this exciting fall sport.  Go Saxons!


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