Empty Chairs at the Table

MK and dog pic


This weekend has given a glimpse of things to come. One child ventures on his first college visit and another travels on a school trip. While our youngest remains home, I can’t help but think of the limited time remaining before these kids head out and spread their wings…kind of bittersweet for me.

I look forward to watching my children’s adventures into adulthood, but I will miss them so. My happiest moments have been those little times, especially around the dinner table. We would discuss history, religion, or politics yet quickly escalate to uncontrolled laughter so intense that milk or mashed potatoes would occasionally fly. Our dinner table served multiple purposes: homework, canning, wine making, family meetings, fondue night, Sunday breakfast, Thanksgiving dinner, the list goes on…

My grandparents used the same table as far back as Grandad’s years as a Prohibition agent, even cleaning his government issue 12 gauge on that same table. Growing up at Broadlawn, that table had a place of pride in our breakfast nook where we ate most family meals. I remember Granaw peeling vegetables and Dad and Granaw playing their whirlwind rounds of cribbage. I remember games of Connect Four, hiding unwanted food (usually turnips) under the heat register, and late night pizza with my sister and our friends or planning the occasional mischief.

Chad and I consider ourselves fortunate to carry on this piece of family history. When the table joined our home, I remember Chad’s prayer of thanks for continued adventures with this special piece of furniture. This weekend in particular as I miss my boys, I can’t help but feel both joy and sadness as I walk past the table that has witnessed so many generations, and held so many memories and so much love.



  1. As long as you keep the table, the memories will accumulate. The empty nest won’t last very long before the grandkids are spilling their juice all over it! ⭐

    1. What a great way to view this! While I’m not quite ready to be a grandma, I want to keep adding memories 🙂

  2. Sharing memories is a wonderful way to remember the past. Planning for future memories is important to help us move through those future days that seem as though they could be packed with dread. I’m looking for a few women like you who are looking ahead and thinking about how to diffuse the negative moments. If you’re interested in learning more about how to remove the sting of empty nest syndrome, drop me a note. You can read about my story on my blog.

    1. Hi Laura,

      I would love to join your journey to tackle empty nest syndrome and creating positive moments (though my oldest is just a Junior). My blog topics tend to present themselves as life goes on. I hope some of those posts are geared toward families in our situation.

      Feel free to message me.

      Take care,


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