Gettysburg, Ghosts, and Getaways

Despite yesterday’s flurries, I think spring has finally arrived. We had a pleasant long weekend in Gettysburg during spring break. Below is a quick post, highlighting some of our adventures:

We stayed at General Lee’s Headquarters and were fortunate enough to have the upstairs room in the actual stone building where Robert E. Lee met with officers and staff during the battle. People kept telling us the building was haunted, and we did experience a few odd events while there, but nothing too scary. Just a few steps away is the Appalachian Brewing Company (excellent food and craft beer).



kids little round top

Our favorite battlefield activities were hiking Big Round Top, Little Round Top, and Devil’s Den. If you ever visit, take one of the many bus tours. The tour guides are usually old history buffs, offering unique stories for tourists. I also recommend parking at Big Round Top and slowly walking the trail to Devil’s Den. Take your time and stop and listen every few minutes.

P Devils Den

If you enjoy ghost tours, we found a respectful and informative candlelight tour. Dan, from the Black Cat Tour Company, connected the paranormal through history, economics, and post-battle events. Adams’ County also has many wineries. In addition to a collection of reds and whites, they serve hard cider from their orchards. We found three within a 20 mile radius (all of which have shops with tasting rooms in the city of Gettysburg).

Chad little rt

I also recommend touring the Visitor’s Center, walking Pickett’s Charge and the National Cemetery, and stopping at the old Catholic Church, which served as a field hospital where nuns tended both Union and Confederate soldiers.

Thanks for reading and Happy Spring!


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