Caroling with Tennessee Ernie Ford

Christmas presented another holiday of challenges. Some family needed to isolate, so we surprised them with a few songs and left a plate of gravlox on their doorstep (salt and sugar cured salmon, one of Chad’s holiday traditions). Patrick and MK joined in the musical montage. Patrick will be embarking soon on a 2022 music tour, traveling as far west as Vegas, south to Jacksonville, and as far north as Traverse City. MK’s current interests include classic books and songs, currently Steinbeck’s East of Eden and Tennessee Ernie Ford’s most famous tune.

Do you know anyone spending the holidays alone? A simple text, call, or plate of goodies will brighten the day for both the giver and receiver. Happy New Year!

Caroling in PJs on Christmas Day

Thanks for reading!



  1. Great job Maggie, Patrick and Mary Kate! Sure brought joy to our otherwise long, dreary seclusion. Chad, the gravlox were great as usual. Thank you. Love you all❤️ Mom

  2. I finally go around to pulling up this post! I Love it! Love that Mary Kate joined in the singing as well! I really missed the gravlox this year! Apparently, we live too far away to have some dropped off…;)

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