For the Love of Music-Summer Edition

In the midst of this busy summer, I have been learning a new instrument, the McNally Strumstick (or as my eldest, an accomplished guitarist calls it, guitars for dummies). The Strumstick is what I would call a travel or campfire guitar. Only sporting three strings, it is similar to the mountain dulcimer.

The sound carries more of a “twang,” making it perfect for folk music, country music, campfire music, and general Americana. I have learned seven or eight basic chords, which gives me the freedom to provide my own accompaniment on many tunes if my guitarist is other wise occupied.

If you are looking for an instrument that can be learned quickly by all, is reasonably priced, and is fun for the whole family, check out the McNally Strumstick!

So here is my rendition of “Learn me Right” from the movie, “Brave.” Enjoy!



  1. You have such a pretty voice…any song sounds wonderful from it. Just curious, what is a franken (sp) ???

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