Photo of the Month: Richland Park Horse Trials

horse photo


This past weekend, a local gem was discovered! Every third weekend in August, a local field lined with corn becomes a horse lover’s paradise. Richland Park, located in southwest Michigan, hosts a yearly three day event. Competitors from novice to the Olympic level make their way here from all over the world.

A three day event consists of dressage, cross country jumping, and show jumping. The Richland Horse Trials are quite affordable for spectators, a day pass only costing $10 for a car load. Visitors can wander the grounds, view the barns, and even walk much of the cross country course.

One funny, put foot in mouth, moment was when we wandered to the classifieds wall, filled with postings for high end equestrian equipment and beautiful eventing horses. I saw a gorgeous sorrel thoroughbred and asked how much they were asking for her.

A lady standing nearby said 25,000. I couldn’t help myself and replied: “25,000…dollars?! I’ve never even paid that much for a car!” My daughter just rolled her eyes and shook her head.

These horses are obviously much more valuable than the $300 pony from my youth (seen below).


If you are looking for a unique sporting event that’s affordable for the whole family, check out the Richland Park Horse Trials!


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